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Noiserv - Noiserv

alternative - 30/10/2015

  1. 1.  This Is Maybe the Place Where Trains Are Going to Sleep at Night
  2. 2.  Today Is the Same as Yesterday, But Yesterday Is Not Today
  3. 3.  It's easy to be a marathoner even if you are a carpenter
  4. 4.  I'm not afraid of what I can't do
  5. 5.  47 seconds are enough if you only have one thing to do
  6. 6.  Life is like a fried egg, once perfect everyone wants to destroy it
  7. 7.  I will try to stop thinking about a way to stop thinking
  8. 8.  It's useless to think about something bad without something good to compare
  9. 9.  I was trying to sleep when everyone woke up
  10. 10.  Don't say hi if you don't have time for a nice goodbye (feat.Cascadeur)
  11. 11.  Mr. Carousel
  12. 12.  The sad story of a little town
    • 13.  Palco do tempo
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Véritable phénomène indie au Portugal, Noiserv nous présente son nouvel album "A.V.O", élu album de l'année par la Portuguese Society of Authors. Une voix chaude sur des mélodies mêlant folk et indie pop : le parfait croisement entre Sufjan Stevens et Yann Tiersen.


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