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Here Comes a New Challenger

Sidony Box - Sidony Box

Classical - 10/23/2015

  1. 1.  Zebre Radio Edit
  2. 2.  Everything Is Gold
  3. 3.  Sunglasses
  4. 4.  Fighting Against Zombie Robots
  5. 5.  Clementine
  6. 6.  October
  7. 7.  Zebre

The french power-jazz trio Sidony Box continue its ascending through international jazz scene with all new repertoire that call as pop and electronics esthetics as jazz and improvised music. The grand news from this project is the arrival next to the trio of the trombonist Gianluca Petrella. Because the alchemy worked, the band decided to make their new live album with Gianluca Petrella as a guest for this year!

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