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Zachary Miskin

Zachary Miskin

electro, Classical

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For your safety

Zachary Miskin - Zachary Miskin

electro - 07/05/2010 - Code ean 822186051757 - ref V5175

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  1. 1.  Wasn't that lucky
  2. 2.  But I grabbed a branch
  3. 3.  Crosscheck
  4. 4.  Idiots
  5. 5.  Over and out
  6. 6.  Shady Gully
  7. 8.  In the Ocean
  8. 9.  Seatbelt assembly
  9. 10.  Long Winter
  10. 11.  I fell off a cliff

FOR YOUR SAFETY 1 Wasn’t that lucky 2’35 2 But i grabbed a Branch 3’24 3 Crosscheck 4’27 4 Idiots 5’19 5 Over and out 6’53 6 Shady gully...

FOR YOUR SAFETY 1 Wasn’t that lucky 2’35 2 But i grabbed a Branch 3’24 3 Crosscheck 4’27 4 Idiots 5’19 5 Over and out 6’53 6 Shady gully 4’00 7 Shady gully 4’22 8 In the ocean 2’07 9 SeatBelt asseMBly 5’36 10 Long Winter 4’49 11 I fell off a cliff 3’38 Zach Miskin CELLO Nick Zammuto VOCALS & ACOUSTIC GUITAR Paul de Jong CELLO Bryce Dessner ELECTRIC GUITAR Padma Newsome PIANO, VIOLA & VOICE Todd Reynolds VIOLIN Gene Back ELECTRIC GUITAR & VIOLIN The inspiration for this album was driven by a simple idea: push the limits of the cello. I wanted to take the instrument out of its classical ‘box’ and travel with it through beautifully crafted loops and overdubs, solo passages in songs and in samples, while of course exploring the exotic territory of improvisation. In short, a musical deviation off the well-chartered route of a classical cellist. Challenging both musically and logistically (french record label based in Paris, a recording studio in New York, and composers spread across America and Victoria’s east coast), this assembly of fantastic musicians and composers really inspired everyone involved and propelled this proJect to new creative peaks. These composers represent such unique musical scenes, many of which they’ve carved out for themselves while still sharing their place along the fault lines of today’s contemporary music. Founders and members of groups like the National, the Books, Clogs, Bang on a can, they really define a musical culture which amasses so many of the disparate influences of music that inspire me as a cellist and musician. The idea of commissioning brand new material, coming from so many musical vernaculars to feature the versatility and beauty of the instrument, gave each of us the opportunity to step outside of our familiar practices. Rooted in such varied musical scenes and styles yet united around the idea that this album was going to be a departure, bringing together an audience as diverse as the musical influences it represents. From le Gentil Garcon’s beautiful and unique conception of the album’s design and cover, to the musical offerings of these six extremely talented composers and musicians, i couldn’t be more proud to share with you my debut album. Zach Miskin
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