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Naïve maison d'artistes

the naïve spirit

(adjective and noun)
From the French “naïve”, adjective and noun, feminine of “naïf”
Spontaneous, sincere, true
Innocent, natural, simple
Can be said of a primitive work of art.

So why the name “naïve”?

Many thought you had to be a little naïve to launch a record label just when digital music and hi-tech began their ascent.

Could there be a life beyond wi-fi, the web and MP3s?

As you can see, a few diehard music lovers still believe in beautiful packages, the smell of freshly-printed paper, booklets you spend hours admiring, the beauty a human voice and a few strums on a guitar.

In short, there are still traditional craftsmen, who take their time and let talent grow on its own terms. Between classical music, pop, world, jazz, children’s music, books or DVDs… nothing scares us and nothing is out of our reach!